Aleksander Hołyński

Research Scientist, Google Research
Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley (BAIR)

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About me

I'm a research scientist at Google Research and a postdoctoral scholar at Berkeley AI Research, working with Alyosha Efros and Angjoo Kanazawa. Previously, I was PhD student at the University of Washington, advised by Steve Seitz, Brian Curless, and Rick Szeliski. Before the PhD, I received my B.S. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I'm originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Tracking Everything Everywhere All at Once
Qianqian Wang, Yen-Yu Chang, Ruojin Cai, Zhengqi Li, Bharath Hariharan, Aleksander Holynski, Noah Snavely
arXiv 2023

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Diffusion Self-Guidance for Controllable Image Generation
Dave Epstein, Allan Jabri, Ben Poole, Alexei A. Efros, Aleksander Holynski
arXiv 2023

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Diffusion Hyperfeatures: Searching Through Time and Space for Semantic Correspondence
Grace Luo, Lisa Dunlap, Seth Dong Huk Park, Aleksander Holynski, Trevor Darrell
arXiv 2023

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Instruct-NeRF2NeRF: Editing 3D Scenes with Instructions
Ayaan Haque, Matthew Tancik, Alexei A. Efros, Aleksander Holynski, Angjoo Kanazawa
arXiv 2023

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Nerfbusters: Removing Ghostly Artifacts from Casually Captured NeRFs

Frederik Warburg*, Ethan Weber*, Matt Tancik, Aleksander Holynski, Angjoo Kanazawa
arXiv 2023

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DreamPose: Fashion Image-to-Video Synthesis via Stable Diffusion
Johanna Karras, Aleksander Holynski, Ting-Chun Wang, Ira Kemelmacher
arXiv 2023

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InstructPix2Pix: Learning to Follow Image Editing Instructions
Tim Brooks*, Aleksander Holynski*, Alexei A. Efros
CVPR 2023 (Highlight)

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SunStage: Portrait Reconstruction and Relighting using the Sun as a Light Stage
Yifan Wang, Aleksander Holynski, Xiuming Zhang, Cecilia Zhang
CVPR 2023

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Animating Pictures with Eulerian Motion Fields
Aleksander Holynski, Brian Curless, Steven M. Seitz, Richard Szeliski
CVPR 2021 (Oral)

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Reducing Drift in Structure From Motion Using Extended Features
Aleksander Holynski, David Geraghty, Jan-Michael Frahm, Chris Sweeney, Richard Szeliski
3DV 2020 (Oral)

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Seeing the World in a Bag of Chips
Jeong Joon Park, Aleksander Holynski, Steve Seitz
CVPR 2020 (Oral)

PDF / Webpage / Talk / Supplementary

Fast Depth Densification for Occlusion-aware Augmented Reality

Aleksander Holynski, Johannes Kopf
SIGGRAPH Asia 2018

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Structure from Motion for Panorama-Style Videos

Chris Sweeney, Aleksander Holynski, Brian Curless, Steve Seitz
arXiv preprint 2018